When someone asks me “Why are you a health coach?”, this is my response: What I want more than anything is to make a difference in people’s lives. I want them to know what it truly means to be healthy and it is such a privilege to be a personal part of the process. To be a catalyst in someone’s transformation is so rewarding, and what my hope is every single day.

In a world where there is so much conflicting health information, it can be challenging to figure out the best path to your optimal health and overall wellness. My goal is to help you understand that you have much more power over your health and wellness than you may think– you are not bound by your genetics or a diagnosis!
There are many things you can do to benefit your health for both the short and the long term. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing a few habits with eating and exercise, sometimes it means digging in a bit to find the root cause of something. Let this site be one of your tools for finding information, research, and products that can assist you on your journey!

As a graduate of the Dr. Sears Master Health Coaching program, I believe there are four aspects or areas that need to be addressed in order to achieve true health. Health is not just the absence of disease, it is the culmination and synergy of all four areas working together. If all areas are not addressed, at some point they will make themselves known and demand some attention! As a health coach, my job is to share information that can assist in the changes you desire to make for you and your family and to support and encourage you along the way!

Resources & Shopping

Over the years I have tried many products while searching for clean brands, supplements that do what they are supposed to do, and products that benefit us and the environment! The ones listed on this page are from companies I know, trust, and use myself! I will never recommend a product or company that I don’t personally use and love! The links provided will take you to my page or store with them and anything ordered will ship directly to you! Any that are marked with an asterisk symbol are companies I am a distributor for and will receive a small commission on any sales.

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