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Toxins lurk in pretty much every aspect of our world at this point. Our air, water, food, and soil are contaminated by pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs, and much more. The personal care and cleaning products we use on our bodies and in our homes can also add to that toxic load. Over the years, I have looked for products to help eliminate and control the things I can, because every small change you make to decrease your body’s toxin load is beneficial! Many health conditions can be a direct or indirect result of toxins and chemicals in the products we use on ourselves and our family everyday.
Below are descriptions and links to products I personally use. I have done hundreds of hours of reading and research and only include products that I feel meet my high standards for purity, effectiveness, and safety. I make no health claims about any of the products.

This is meant to be a resource for information, no one is under any obligation whatsoever to purchase from me.

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QSciences (Quintessential Sciences)

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Cutting edge innovations in:

*Full Spectrum Hemp that is soluble–which means you absorb more and get more bang for your buck!

*A line of Terpenes that are perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of hemp/CBD, but may not be able to take it due to a job/military service…or if you just want to have extra tools in your wellness box!

*Medical Grade, Hydrolyzed, Multi-Type Collagen for maximum absorption

*Nutritional Supplements with micro-nutrients

*Vitamin Sprays

*Fitness and Weight ManagementProducts

All products are FREE of artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, gluten, corn and soy–the Top 8 allergens have been removed–and the vitamins are methylated for optimal absorption (Great news especially for those with MTHFR.)

QS products are organic, non-GMO, vegan (other than the whey protein shakes) and are sourced and made in the USA!

They are backed by research, and have been shown effective in helping with a host of issues, including:

Brain Health, Mood, Heart and Vascular health, Energy, Sleep, Digestive Health, Relaxation, Weight Management, Men’s and Women’s Health, Discomfort, and more!

TRS by Coseva

Purchase Link for TRS:

FAQ and Other TRS INFO:


TRS is short for “Advanced Toxin and contaminants Removal System”. It is a product manufactured in the USA specially designed to remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body. Coseva is the name of the health and wellness company which produces TRS. Coseva is a distributor sponsored direct sales company which is not the same as a multi level marketing company (MLM). Coseva is a product driven company and the company does not require customers to sign up as distributors in order to purchase its products at a discounted prices nor does it give incentives for distributors to recruit their friends and family members to distribute TRS.


There are only two ingredients in TRS: lab-created nano zeolites and purified water.


Zeolites have a high negative charge and a strong affinity for toxins as toxins are usually positively charged.

With the nano zeolites encased in water, a good way to think about it would be hundreds of thousands of little toxin magnets encased in water molecules clusters going into your body.
These toxin magnets are attracted to heavy metals, pesticides and any other toxin that has a positive charge. Their tiny size (0.9 nanometers) means that they have a huge amount of surface area to capture toxins and the encapsulation in water molecules clusters means that they can go wherever water goes and crosses the blood brain barrier easily and detoxes the body at a cellular level.

Once toxins get stuck onto the magnets, they are captured within the zeolites’ cage-like structure and is rendered inert and has no chance of breaking loose. This is why TRS does not cause redistribution and damage to the body.
TRS is transported out of the body mainly through urine and other usual elimination pathways. As the nano-zeolites are so tiny, the kidneys don’t have to filter them; that’s how gentle this method of detoxing is.


The single bottle of TRS is the first item on the page; the 3 pack bottle is the second item.

When you purchase from the link above, you are supporting my TRS business and I thank you for your support.

TRS is only available through distributors and instructions for how to get it for the lowest price in the next point.

If you have used TRS and have experienced amazing results with your family and would like to become a distributor to benefit your community, please message or email me for more information.

Please note that distributors do not receive any additional discounts on auto-ship; and the auto-ship option is available to everyone. So, there is no need to sign up as a distributor to get auto-ship or “preferred customer” price.

Please also note that as Coseva has no affiliation to Amazon or Ebay and TRS is not allowed to be sold on Amazon or Ebay, I cannot support anyone who purchases their TRS from Amazon or Ebay as it’s not backed by Coseva and not guaranteed to be authentic.


Choose the “preferred customer price” option when adding TRS to your cart.
And choose “yes” to the auto-ship option on the next page when you are entering delivery and payment details.

These two steps will ensure that you get the lowest prices available.

One bottle of TRS is $95 but it drops to $68 on auto-ship.
Three bottles of TRS retails for $170.
The best value would be the three bottle pack on auto-ship at $150 – which means each bottle is then $50.

The auto-ship option is very straight forward; you can cancel or alter the dates at any time and there is no penalty for canceling or any hidden fees for signing up for auto-ship.

This is the website to amend your auto-ship details:

If you are having issues with your user name or password or want to cancel/adjust your auto-ship, you can also contact customer service to do that for you at


Shipping within the US is $8 (for one bottle or three) and it is about $20- $60 for other countries.

This product ships worldwide. Shipping time is around 5 business days within the United States and up to three weeks for international destinations.

Please note that VAT will apply for residents in European countries.
Customs and taxes for other countries might apply too and are NOT reflected at checkout on the Coseva website.

Those would have to be paid before or upon delivery in the destination country, if applicable.

Coseva has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee money back policy for its products. Within 30 days of receiving your TRS, you can email customer service at for a refund (minus shipping costs) if you decide that TRS is not the right detox for your family. It is very straight forward and hassle free so that you can order with confidence.